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See How Happy Your Dogs and Cats Are

Quality Time for Cats

During our cat visits, we will spend quality time with your cat, whether that means cuddling with them on the couch or playing chase the mouse with their toys. For cats that are elderly, disabled, or shy, we don’t push them to spend time with us.

Sometimes, just our presence is enough for them to be content. Every cat is an individual, and we structure our visits based on their individual needs.

When hiring a professional pet sitter, you also get the added benefit of having someone watch over your home while you’re away. We can take out your trash and bring in the mail.

What Are the Benefits of Pet Sitting vs a Dog Kennel?

With in-home pet sitting, your dog or cat gets to stay in the comfort of your home. Your pet will be used to the same sounds and smells of their home and won’t be subjected to barking dogs, new sights, and new smells Your pet gets complete, one-on-one attention with a pet sitter.

With pet sitting, daily walks and exercise are included in the price. Your pet will have access to their favorite napping spots, toys, and potty areas. Our pet sitter updates you on how your pet is doing each day via text or email which is something most dog kennels are unable to provide to each customer.

Unlike in a dog kennel facility, you don’t need to worry about pickup or drop-off times.

When hiring a professional pet sitter you also have someone watch over your home, take out your trash, and bring in the mail.

When taking your dog to a kennel, you need to bring their toys and food for each day, plus any medications they may need. With pet sitting, you just tell us where it is and we will do the rest! No need to pre-portion or pack anything up for us

What Are the Benefits of Having a Dog Walker?

  • No need to do the dog walking yourself.

  • Your dog gets undivided attention.

  • Your dog gets a much-needed potty break.

  • Your pooch gets the necessary physical and mental exercise.

  • A daily walk reduces dog behavioral problems.

  • You get a team partner as valuable as the veterinarian
    or the groomer.

  • Older dogs also get the necessary potty break.

No matter how demanding life gets, dogs will always be there eager to give you unconditional love. Give the same kind of love that your beloved pet deserves.

Is It Affordable for Me to Hire a Professional Pet Sitter?

Yes. Considering all you receive, we believe it is. If you have multiple pets, pet sitting can actually be more affordable than kenneling. 

Would You Pay More for a Service That Comes to Your Home Catering to the Needs of Your Home and Pets?

There are advantages to having an in-home service that offers crime-deterrent services such as: rotating light and blinds, picking up mail and newspapers, watering plants, and rolling the trash down to the curb.

If you have dogs, their presence is also a crime-deterrent measure. All of this gives your home a lived-in appearance while you are gone. Pet sitters check on homes as well as pets and can report problems such as broken pipes, break-ins, or anything suspicious.

Rabbits, Birds, Fish, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs 

Consider any other furry friend as important members of the family also needing proper care. Even by just feeding and keeping their cages tidy whenever we come over, that can make a big difference.

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Contact us today to set up a meet-and-greet appointment. We serve pet owners all over Westford, Massachusetts.

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